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Saturday, July 15, 2006

California Has Wild Fires, New York Has Patricia DeAngelis.

Note: Part Two of Did Christopher Porco Plan To Kill His Parents will appear on Monday rather than this weekend as I initially announced.

Rensselaer County DA Patricia DeAngelis started a firestorm over a recent column she wrote in The Troy Record suggesting that parents in Melrose not call 911 if their children needed emergency aid because a recently released level 3 sex offender could legally become a fireman, respond to a 911 call and maybe molest your child on the way to the hospital. There are no sex offenders working as firefighters in Melrose, and last I heard the Melrose Fire District has not placed any ads asking for sex offenders to apply for jobs as firefighters.

Not only are the fire chief and firefighters in Melrose upset, but firefighters at other fire departments are as well. My sources say that yesterday Channel 6 interviewed Dominic Pasinella Jr., Chief of the Melrose Fire District, and that interview should appear soon. Also DeAngelis’ column in tomorrow’s Record will attempt to explain how Pasinella “misunderstood” her.

Since Danny's News closed here in Amsterdam, I can no longer purchase the Record. I would appreciate it if someone would forward me a copy of the column by DeAngelis.


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