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Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Porco Trial Transcripts Now On Line.

As Albany Eye has already said, The Times Union owns the Porco trial. Further evidence of that is the newspaper 's purchasing and posting transcripts of the opening statements on the TU web site as well as transcripts of testimony by toll collectors. You can read them and find out, as Willie Stark would say, “God’s unflyblown truth” for yourself.”

Upstream would have been happy to provide this service, but our pockets are somewhat shallower than The Times Union's. I hope the TU will obtain more of the transcripts and make them available.

The Porco Trial has been postponed until next Monday, but I find it hard to stop thinking about it. Tomorrow I will be posting more questions that have come to my mind about the case.

Here’s one that I’ll post today. The Times Union received two anonymous letters from someone claiming to have attacked the Porcos. Were these letters ever tested for DNA? Wouldn’t it have been interesting if Christopher Porco’s DNA was found on them?


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