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Thursday, July 13, 2006

Johnathan Porco Considered For A Third Time.

I read the opening statements from the Porco trial last night. It was quite a different experience from reading media reports of the opening statements. One thing the openings provided was more information about Johnathan Porco’s whereabouts.

Assistant D.A. Michael McDermott said that Christopher’s brother, a naval officer, is currently at sea, and it is still an open question whether or not he will be able to return and testify at the trial. McDermott went on to say, “But if he doesn’t return, ladies and gentlemen, you will hear proof from people down in South Carolina.” Apparently, McDermott is referring to proof that Johnathan was at the South Carolina base at the time of the murder, so he could not have attacked his parents, making Christopher the sole suspect.

Christopher’s lawyer, Terry Kindlon, said of Johnathan, “he’s in a submarine right now, where he is, from what I know it’s a secret, nobody knows, nobody knows, I guess, unless they are in the sub with him...”

This might explain why Johnathan has not been calling the Paul Vandenburgh Show, writing letters to editors, or giving interviews to the media.

It is interesting, although I am not sure how significant it is, that the prosecution, not the defense, brought up the possibility of Johnathan testifying.


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