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Monday, July 10, 2006

My Two Cents On A Number Of Issues.

Plug Power, based in Latham, made all of its employees go see the Al Gore film last week. Employees went on company time. I don’t know how much this cost Plug Power, but it seems odd that a company that has yet to turn a profit, has money to send all of its employees to see this film. Apparently the head cheese there is an environmentalist. I have no opinion on global warming as I have not studied the pros and cons of it, but I would be perturbed if an employer required me to go see any movie.

Glenn Goord, Commissioner of New York State Correctional Services, has announced his upcoming retirement. This relieves Eliot Spitzer of having to remove him when he gets elected. It also means I have less to write about.

But I can still write about Patricia DeAngelis, Rensselaer County D.A. Apparently DeAngelis wrote a letter to the Troy Record and stated her willingness to meet with people in the Melrose community to discuss a level 3 sex offender who had moved into the area. She made some silly comments about the possibility of this person becoming a volunteer fireman or EMT and if he or she did, then a parent with a sick child would not be able to call the fire department for help. The Melrose fire chief did not take to kindly to the letter by DeAngelis. Read his response below.

Fire chief Pt1
Fire Chief Pt2

Since I wrote my post on gay marriage, I have had to change my policy on commenting. Up until I wrote that post, most comments have avoided ad hominem arguments. Issues like abortion, capital punishment, the war in Iraq, gay rights and so on bring out the worst in some people.

I will be rejecting all comments that attack me personally or other people making comments. If you deal with the arguments, rather than make ad hominem attacks, I will publish your comments. For example, I published a response by Joe to my gay marriage post because it only dealt with the issues. (I will be responding to this comment when I get a chance.) But Joe wrote a second comment which I rejected. In his second comment Joe accused me of following everything I read. Joe doesn’t know me from Adam’s off ox, much less know what I read. Don’t make comments about what I read, know, think etc. if you don’t know me.

I have also begun rejecting comments that contain factual errors. One woman responded to my article on Child Protective Services and made several factual errors. For example, she said that Child Protective Services caseworkers do not have civil immunity. New York State law makes it very clear that they do. I researched Family Court law and checked with an attorney before I made the statement that Child Protective Service caseworkers have civil immunity.

By the way, if I make any factual errors, I would appreciate it if you would bring them to my attention so I can correct them.

Hopefully, the above changes will improve the level of discourse on this blog.


  • Dan,
    Sorry another Joe commented on your gay marriage post and attacked you - I am the Joe whose post you published and I wrote no other post. I agree completely with you that the strength of blogs are thier ability to air different opinions. And I agree that personal attacks are unwarranted. Since Joe is a common name and I have changed my signature to fxrsjoe and put a bit of a profile up.

    By Blogger fxrsjoe, at 8:06 AM  

  • Thanks for the clarification. The mistake came about because you were both identified simply as Joe, and I assumed that blogger didn't allow two people to have the same moniker.

    By the way, Richard Cohen had a piece in today's paper supporting your position on gay marriage. I did not agree with it, but as usual Cohen presents strong arguments in a way that makes the reader think.

    By Blogger Dan Weaver, at 11:47 AM  

  • Dan:You are welcome to give your two cents to me any time. You are always direct and to the point and you can't avoid getting some "Joe" that does not agree, but many do and that is what keeps us coming back.

    So, the DOCS Commissioner Glen Goord is leaving. Hummm- it looks like many State offices are cleaning out AND being filled with Pataki's last minute favors. How nice of him to save Spitzer's time. Gee-maybe that is who Goord was talking to on his cell phone while driving when he was pulled over on the job. Maybe he was helping Pataki pick his replacement. It WAS Pataki that put Goord there in 1996. Maybe that is why DOCS higher ups have their many OTB meetings? But I am only a "betting" man. Excuse the pun.

    And good ole Trish DeAngelis-boy o boy...or should I say GIRL oh GIRL...she just cannot keep her foot out of her mouth! Being a firefighter is no easy job...those boots and gear must be hot! Then you have the DA shooting off her mouth making senseless comments when the guy did not even live in Melrose. Do your background first.

    I think the stress of so many men filling appeals (and winning) reminds her every day that she is a screw up. I beleive I read that John Carroll would have walked a free man before his 2nd trial had he signed a plea agreement...she could not have thought he was that much of a danger, huh? The funny thing is the cases of alleged Prosecutorial Misconduct just keep popping up and popping up! Makes me wonder what really happened with that law suit her female co-worker had against her and very quickly dropped.

    By the way, since she has been in office- just how many woman been arrested for rape, child molestation or any other of her man hate crimes? That's a good one for you to check out Dan.

    By Anonymous Outside the lines of Melrose, at 8:51 AM  

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