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Wednesday, August 02, 2006

If Chris Porco Is Convicted, Will Shanks & Kindlon Get Paid?

A lawyer posted on this blog, suggesting that Christopher Porco’s defense was being funded by his father’s life insurance policy. My question is this--if Christopher Porco is found guilty, can any of his mother or father’s money be used to pay his defense fees? If his parent’s money was used to pay his lawyers, wouldn’t that mean that a criminal was financially benefiting from his victims? Does the current Son of Sam law in New York State cover that?

I don’t know the law, so I would love to hear from some lawyers on this issue.


  • I am not a lawyer but wouldn't the use of the insurance funds depend on the family? If he is found not guilty then he can use his share to pay the lawyers. If he is found guilty, the family or other heirs, can ok it's use for his defense. Maybe the family has already agreed to using the settlement for that purpose.

    By Blogger fxrsjoe, at 10:23 AM  

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