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Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Two Teens At Northeast Parent & Child Society's Park Avenue Home Arrested For Rape.

I have written before about the need for an investigation into Northeast Parent and Child Society’s (NEPCS) children’s homes, especially the one on Park Avenue in Schenectady. Now that The Daily Gazette has reported (July 22) that a 16 year old and a 14 year old boy from the home raped a 14 year old girl at the Schenectady Municipal Golf Course, I feel the need to say again that this home needs to be investigated.

Recently a teen at the Prahl House in Troy drowned. The state has since issued a report saying that inadequate supervision was a problem at Prahl House.

The supervision at NEPCS’s home on Park Avenue is no better than at the Prahl House. I won’t elaborate on this topic, as I have written about it extensively before.

The State needs to force NEPCS to get their act together. NEPCS, which houses juvenile sex offenders and young girls with emotional problems in the same building, should not only segregate these two populations, but should not let teen rapists walk the streets of Schenectady.


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