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Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Amish Buggy & Canajoharie's Dummy Light.

Here are a couple of photos, my daughter and I grabbed while out on a ride yesterday. The first is of any Amish buggy that just turned off of Route 5S and was heading up the Currytown Road. It used to be that you rarely saw the Amish on the south side of the Mohawk, but now that they have moved into the Town of Glen you do see them. I thought this photo came out quite well considering my daughter had to take it from the passenger seat through the driver's side window, while both the car and buggy were in motion.

The second photo is of Canajoharie’s Dummy Light, which has been a local landmark for decades. It’s a real traffic light, not a dummy light. My understanding is that it’s called the Dummy Light because it’s not very intelligent to stand out in the middle of the road. You may remember that the state wanted to remove this light, but the citizens of Canajoharie put up such a fuss that the state backed down.

Amish Buggy Heading From Randall, NY To Currytown.

The Famous Dummy Light In Canajoharie, NY.


  • I suppose the "Dummy Light" is cheaper to fix when it gets hit than the constant maintenance of the median in a roundabout or traffic circle... I've never seen something so strange in Public Works.

    By Blogger Roman Hokie, at 1:59 PM  

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