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Friday, July 28, 2006

Christopher Porco's Luncheon Date.

The other day I wrote about a young man on who said Chris Porco is one of his heroes. I found that troubling. Even if Porco is not the murderer of his father, I see little in his life for a person to emulate. He stole from his parents, lied to them, and forged college transcripts.

But Dan from Dullmar is not the only person on myspace who admires Chris. Three days ago, Valerie Messina, a 23 year old from Delmar, went to lunch with Chris in Goshen. According to one of our readers, Ms. Messina’s myspace page has loads of photos of Chris on it. We have not been able to verify that because she has changed her myspace page so that only friends can see it. You can, however, still see a photo of her on it.

Unlike Chris Porco, Messina is not a college dropout. In fact, she graduated cum laude from Wheaton College in Norton, Massachusetts in 2005 with a degree in studio art. Wheaton College is a fairly prestigious liberal arts college. It has a number of Rhodes Scholars, quite out of proportion to the size of the college. The most notable thing about Wheaton College, however, is it’s price tag--more than $40,000 per year.

While they are just friends, I cannot imagine the appeal that Chris Porco, a guy who is a college dropout and who cleans up dog poop for a living, has for this well educated and apparently accomplished, young woman. But then I can’t understand why Dan from Dullmar, another friend of Chris, would list Chris as one of his heroes either.


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