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Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Former Mohawk Valley Resident Responds To Upstream.

Note: This was sent to me as a comment. I am posting it here so more people will read it and possibly correspond with the writer.

I don't know if u will read this since I just slapped it in here - but I live in So. Ca. but was born & raised & lived my young adulthood in Albany, Schenectady, Ballston Lake, Galway, Rotterdam & Niskayuna (which high school I graduated from). I left NY in the early 70's and went to work for FEMA and the director; covering disasters through the US. I took a transfer to So. Ca. and here I remain. But, I love the history of the Mohawk Valley, am now in a position to want to take the time and bring myself current after all these years. My parent's owned a huge "farm" in Galway (some of the 1st land granted to the New World according to the history of the house called "Kings Grant Manor" - and history it did have. My grandfather was President of Bank in Schenectady, owned a large lake house on Ballston Lake which I dearly loved; and I spent my high school years in a huge home on Vly Rd in Niskayuna. I have wonderful memory's of that area and would love to know what has occurred over the years - I remember the "haunted" house by the old Scotia bridge (right hand side as you came over), the "haunted" hotel & bar going down to the Mohawk outside of Schenectady area - going to the grand opening of Macy's Mall in Colonie; being friends with Susan Yager & Doc Yager (owner of Albany Pontiac dealership) and so many guys from Union College. I would love to hear from you, or anyone else who has the time, etc. to correspond or bring me up to date. Even reading your site has been very warm & fuzzy for me - thanks - Sand-E of So. Cal. (email is


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