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Friday, July 21, 2006

Is Patricia DeAngelis A Chauvinist Sow?

If you have ever had the thought that Rensselaer County District Attorney, Patricia DeAngelis, might just hate men, there is some evidence that you might be right. Her penchant for seeing male sex offenders everywhere, even driving ambulances and fire trucks and the fact that she deliberately decided not to marry so she could advance her career seem to at least point in that direction.

But her use of the term "deadbeat dads" in a press release from her office yesterday, even more strongly confirms that she is a man hater. There are deadbeat moms as well as deadbeat dads. One criminal case I have written about in the past involves Fulton County Family Court Judge, David Jung, sentencing a woman to jail when she wasn't even in the court room and didn't have a lawyer. The woman's crime was failure to pay child support.

In our enlightened age, the term "deadbeat dad" is a sexist term, and clearly indicative of hatred of males. It should be replaced with "deadbeat parent." DeAngelis' hatred of males is to be expected, seeing that she is a graduate of a women's only college, Wellesley. The few remaining, sexist, all female colleges in the country, are hotbeds of radical feminism. Many of them teach such exteme ideas as "all men are potential rapists."

By the way, Hillary Clinton is Wellesley's most famous alumnus. Need I say more.


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