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Monday, July 24, 2006

Chris Porco A Hero To One MySpacer.

I was mucking about in myspace yesterday, trying to see if anyone from Delmar had anything to say about Chris Porco. I didn’t have any luck, with one exception. Sixteen year old Dan of Dullmar, works at the Bethlehem Veterinary Hospital where Chris works and lists Chris Porco as one of his heroes.

Here is the list of Dan’s heroes as they appear on myspace:

"my grandfather; chris porco; steve watkins; brian stanton; Holden from the Catcher in the Rye; Thomas Jefferson; alex martin, and most importantly, SARAH NICOLE SNOW FRIGGIN FUHRMAN!! I praise her and her amazingness in every way. she is my life. ... and jessi lee is probably one of the most heroic of asians..."

Steve Watkins is also employed at The Bethlehem Veterinary Hospital. The last I knew Thomas Jefferson was employed elsewhere.

Do you think there is a connection in Dan’s mind between Chris Porco and Holden Caufield?

Here is a photo, from Dan’s Space, of Chris Porco and two other staffers at the BVH.

Copyright Dan Roberts.


  • Dan's list of heroes and photo of Christopher Porco mysteriously disappeared off of his myspace today.

    By Blogger Dan Weaver, at 8:15 PM  

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