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Saturday, July 22, 2006

My Tuppence On The Porco Trial Blogs.

Reading the comments on WNYT’s The Porco Trial Blog is becoming a daily source of entertainment. Some anonymous bozo suggested yesterday that Christopher Porco was having an affair with the veterinarian’s wife, whom he works for. The real travesty here is that Eric Hoppel didn’t reject the comment. Most of the comments on the blog aren’t as bad as the one about the vet‘s wife, however, it‘s clear from the bulk of the the comments, that Christopher could not possibly have gotten a fair trial in Albany County.

Hoppel, who is filling in for Chris Rooney this week, stated on Wednesday, that he is not censoring any comments, which may account for the above comment appearing on the blog. It doesn’t account, however, for the two comments that I posted on the blog this week that never appeared.

Then we have The Times Union’s Porco Trial: Blog. (The originality of these blog names is astounding). I don‘t have to worry about my comments not appearing there because nobody‘s are. I guess I would rather have the wholesale censorship of the TU, than the selective censorship of WNYT. At least the former is honest.

By the way, check out these comments about the Porco trial. They’re much more thoughtful than what appears on the Porco Trial Blogs. Because they are so thoughtful, I cannot take credit for them.

I make no bones about the fact that I reject some comments. Newspapers don’t print every letter to the editor they receive and neither should blogs publish every comment they receive.

Memo To Ira
You said I could take your comment on my post, Is Patricia DeAngelis A Chauvinist Sow?, as either a slap up the side of my head or as BS and delete it accordingly. I have chosen the latter. As far as loss of credibility is concerned, I published that story you told about former Amsterdam Recorder Editor, Tony Benjamin, because it was really funny, but he says that it never happened.

TV worth watching??
Tomorrow the interview that Ernie Tetrault did with me about blogging and the rare book trade will air on Cable Channel 4 (over the air Channel 15) at 11:00a.m. Unless he edited it, you will see me drop a pile of old books on the floor during the interview. One of them was from the 1600s. There goes my chances for membership in the exclusive Antiquarian Booksellers of America Association, but then the $100 application fee, the $300 entry fee, $575 annual dues and regional chapter dues where applicable might have kept me out anyway.


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