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Monday, September 11, 2006

Opposing Viewpoints On 9/11 & On Ralph Bucky Phillips.


“Now the miserable creature will suffer for the rest of his life in the New York state prison system.” New York State Police Superintendent, Wayne Bennett

“...The Phillips I knew was definitely not some kind of animal. This was a guy who was really trying to turn his life around...” John Keavey, Parole lawyer for Ralph ‘Bucky’ Phillips.

“I feel nothing but contempt and disgust for the man.” Erie County Sheriff, Timothy Howard.

“I don’t apologize for him. I feel there’s no justification for what he did. He should have the maximum punishment. But I feel some guilt. I was part of the team that tried to help him, even though my efforts were sabotaged.” Sylvia Honig, Phillips’ social worker when he was incarcerated in Brookwood, a juvenile detention center, in 1976-77. (From Carl Strock’s column in the Sunday Gazette of Sept. 10, 2006).

“There are other Ralphs being established right now in Brookwood and other places.” Sylvia Honig.


“The best way to control people is to frighten them. Sept. 11 was just a gift to them (the Bush Administration) and to other harsh and repressive elements throughout the world. That was evident instantly. That was the first thing I said when I was asked by reporters what I thought the effect would be. And, yes, that’s what it is. They have to keep people frightened, keep having scares come, make it look as if they’re doing something bold and courageous to defend the American people from international terrorism. And the best thing to do is to pick up cheap targets which are not costly and where you can strike dramatic gestures and so on.” Noam Chomsky in an interview by Nicholas Holt on March 8, 2002.

"Laura and I approach tomorrow with a heavy heart. It's hard not to think about people who lost their lives on Sept. 11th, 2001," he said. "I vowed that I'm never going to forget the lessons of that day." President George W. Bush. Sept. 10, 2006


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