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Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Three Women Respond To Judge David Jung.

I have written several times about Judge David Jung, Fulton County Family Court Judge. One of my posts received three responses, which I wanted to hi-light because comments to older posts are not often likely to be read by people.

Jill - July 23, 2006
Hi I had a heck of a run in with Jung,,,,,,,, I was smart enough to go to the commission on judicial conduct ,,,,,,,,,,,,,I’m waiting but I’m sure he will receive some censure or be admonished something has to happen, he’s nuts………and my daughter is with her abusive father because of it, temporarily ...albany ny

Deb - July 28, 2006
Hi I just read a comment by Jill about judge Jung. I also was just recently in front of him and after 13 years of raising my two daughters this judge decides that they are better off with their abusive father. I would like to get information on this commission of judicial conduct people. I never knew anything like that existed. if you can please email me any information. and your right about the fact that something needs to be done about him! glenfield, ny

Kelly of Johnstown - September 2, 2006
Well my niece just was killed in a car accident last month and left a 3 month old son, my sister (the grandmother) is fighting the low life non existent father on custody. My sister’s lawyer had the case postponed due to another court case and my sister received the paperwork with the new date in the mail. Well the baby’s father is also fighting her on custody and tried to serve her but she DID NOT SIGN the papers…he went to court anyway and judge Jung gave him custody on default that my sister never showed up. they came and took the baby….it is absolutely unbelievable that he allowed, legally, for it to get to the point of listening to the baby’s father without my sister and not obeying the postponement date…How could this have happened. And of course it is a long weekend. So she has to wait until Tuesday. Does he hate women that much? I know he had a bitter divorce…but every situation is different. Being in that position gives him too much power with his own opinion. Help what can we do to have him stop this nonsense!!


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