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Friday, September 08, 2006

New Mohawk Valley Blog.

Rebecca Mecomber has started a new Mohawk Valley blog, called Mohawk Valley View. Its subtitle is “Perspective from a non-native, non-Italian, non-politician resident of the Mohawk Valley. Just my two cents worth.”

Rebecca defines the Mohawk Valley in narrower terms than I do. She says, “The Mohawk Valley area is unique. I consider the Mohawk Valley to very generally be Route 5 east-west from Oneida to Little Falls and Route 8 north-south from North Utica to Cassville. The official Mohawk Valley stretches out a little further beyond this, but for clarity and brevity (!) that is what I pin the area down to.”

Rebecca’s blog focuses primarily on what is known as the upper Mohawk Valley. My blog which puports to focus on the entire Mohawk Valley, tends to focus on the lower and middle Mohawk.

It’s exciting to see another voice join the chorus of Mohawk Valley bloggers. And I like how she lists her occupation as New York Taxpayer.

Rebecca has another blog also, which has a lot of nice photographs and a great entry on Fort Stanwix.


  • Thanks for pointing out this blog. I've enjoyed reading it.

    By Anonymous NumberWise, at 6:27 PM  

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