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Thursday, July 06, 2006

Some Questions About The Porco Case.

There are two important questions about the Porco case, at least in my mind.

The first one is: if Christopher Porco didn’t kill his father and maim his mother, then who did? The theories advanced by Christopher’s lawyers don’t make a lot of sense and have the air of desperation about them. Organized crime figures don’t normally execute people with an axe, nor do they usually bungle executions. If it were a botched robbery, how did the robbers find the axe so readily? Was it kept in the bedroom?

The other question is: if Christopher Porco did attack his parents with an axe, why was there no blood in his jeep? It would seem as if he must have gotten some blood on himself and transferred it to the jeep. However, none has been found.

The prosecution realizes that this is an important question, so they plan to introduce a blood spatter expert who will testify that blood did not spray all over the place and that Christopher could have attacked his parents without getting any blood on him.

The answer to the first question tends to incriminate Porco. The answer to the second question will either incriminate or exonerate, depending upon the ability of the expert witnesses and attorneys to answer the question convincingly.


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