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Thursday, June 29, 2006

The Christopher Porco Trial Blog.

I don't think the Porco trial is the most important news taking place right now, but human nature being what it is, most people will be following it closely. A great way to keep up with the trial is to read The Porco Trial Blog maintained by staff at WNYT. I have made a temporary link to it under Mohawk Valley News. It will remain there until the trial is over.

Reading the blog is better than reading news stories. The blog entries are more personal and more passionate. Jim Kambrich's entry yesterday at 11:16p.m. is a good example. He did a good job writing about his reaction to the opening argument by Michael McDermott, describing the horrors of the crime scene.

But defense attorney, Terry Kindlon, gets my vote for quote of the day. Referring to the circumstantial basis of the DA's case, he said, "Not even the Brothers Grimm smoking crack could fabricate such a fairy tale."


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