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Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Chris Porco, O. J. Simpson & Lizzie Borden.

Christopher Porco took an axe,
And gave his mother forty whacks,
When he saw what he had done,
He gave his father forty-one.

Many people have made comparisons between the Christopher Porco trial and the O. J. Simpson trial, and there certainly are similarities. The viciousness of the attack on Nicole Simpson and Ron Goldman, like the attack on Peter and Joan Porco, could only have been motivated by love turned to hate. The alternative theories about who killed Nicole Simpson don’t fit any better than the glove did on O. J.’s hand. Nor do the alternative theories about who killed Peter Porco and maimed Joan Porco. Gut instinct says that Christopher did it. The evidence may say otherwise.

It’s the Lizzie Borden trial, however, that most resembles that of Christopher Porco. The weapon, attack on both parents, prosecutors attempting to enter circumstantial evidence to implicate Lizzie, defense attorneys trying to exclude it, the publicity, and many other details are similar.

O. J. Simpson and Lizzie Borden were found not guilty. I'm not so sure Christopher Porco will get the same verdict.

Read more about the Lizzie Borden Case.

Read primary documents from the Lizzie Borden Case.


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