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Saturday, July 08, 2006

The Other Porco Son Reconsidered.

I might have to reconsider my opinion about Christopher Porco’s brother, Johnathan. Another Porco blog has pointed out that Johnathan’s letter to Judge Berry was not signed. I have checked the letter, and it’s true. Johnathan’s letter to Judge Berry is not signed, while Joan Porco’s letter to Judge Berry is signed.

If Johnathan did not write the letter as Porcofactchecker says, then it does seem that Johnathan would have written a letter to the editor of The Times Union when they published his letter to Judge Berry and denied that he wrote it.

In any event, whether or not Johnathan supports Christopher is a side issue, and like the check in the dishwasher will have little bearing on whether or not Christopher is found guilty.

By the way Porco Fact Checker seems to have been a short lived blog--a brief burst of temper, then nothing. It’s a disappointing blog, except that I do appreciate the fact that the blogger pointed out that Johnathan Porco’s letter was not signed.


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