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Friday, July 07, 2006

The Check Is In The Dishwasher.

A great deal is being made by both professional and lay lawyers about a $100 cashier’s check found in Peter Porco’s dishwasher.

According to The Times Union,

In the kitchen, Peter Porco had opened a dishwasher full of clean dishes. On top of the dishes was a $100 cashier's check in Christopher Porco's name that was to be used to pay his fine for a traffic infraction in Saratoga Springs.
It's not clear why Peter Porco would have handled the check as he was dying.
"With his dying breath, Peter Porco was thinking of his son," Kindlon speculated later outside.

Others are saying that Porco was leaving a clue as to the identity of his attacker.

I say that there were a thousand and one better ways that Peter Porco could have identified his attacker. Besides we have been told that he was on auto-pilot, getting ready for work, going out to get the newspaper, etc. He was not really thinking at this time.

Is it just possible the check was laying on the kitchen counter, and he knocked it into the dishwasher when he opened the dishwasher?

The check in the dishwasher seems to me to be useless as a clue. Too much can be read into it, none of it with any certainty.

More important clues are the key in the front door, the blood spatter evidence, the disabled alarm, the cutting of the telephone cord, Christopher’s whereabouts on the night in question, the DNA on the toll ticket and Mrs. Porco’s nod.

I’m surprised none of these legal eagles have suggested that “Frankie The Fireman” Porco put the check in the dishwasher because he needed to launder some money.


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