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Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Defining The Mohawk Valley Part 2 Or Should Troy Be Part Of The Mohawk Valley Corridor?

One of the problems with the Mohawk Valley Heritage Commission's definition of the Mohawk Valley is that it leaves out places with a strong connection to the valley and includes places with very little connection. Troy while on the east bank of the Hudson River is clearly in the Hudson Valley, however, it had a strong connection with the Mohawk Valley, particularly when the Erie Canal was going strong and Troy was a terminus for goods shipped through the canal. Troy is not part of the Mohawk Valley Heritage Corridor yet has a stronger connection to the Mohawk Valley than does northern Saratoga County which is part of the corridor. Troy has much in common with such Mohawk Valley cities as Schenectady, Amsterdam and Utica. If Troy were part of the Corridor it would be eligible for grants and funds. In any event, if you are interested in Troy as I am, I highly recommend The Troy Polloi, a blog that keeps you up to date on politics in the City of Troy and in Rensselaer County.


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