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Saturday, November 19, 2005

Montgomery And Fulton Counties Should Merge.

Montgomery and Fulton Counties should pursue the idea of merging. The two counties are small both in land area and in population (about 50,000 people each. A great deal of money would be saved by the consolidation. The new county would also have more political clout. Historically, the counties were one until sometime in the 1800s.
I would suggest keeping the name Montgomery for the new county, but making Johnstown the county seat. Fonda is such a dreary town and is not suitable for a county seat.


  • I enjoyed reading your post on merging Montgomery and Fulton counties. Those who are interested should know that they used to be one county - Montgomery County, until 1837. In '37, Fonda became the county seat, due to the growth of the railroads. The folks in Johnstown (and probably Gloversville) weren't happy about it, so they managed to split off their own county, restoring Johnstown as the county seat. Daniel Cady is generally thought to have been the driving force behind this.

    A similar discussion goes on from time to time about merging Gloversville and Johnstown. Seems odd to have two cities bordering each other with relatively small populations (together they're smaller than Amsterdam), with a tremendous amount of duplication of services.

    But old rivalries exist, and it seems unlikely you'd ever get the folks to agree on a merger, or any kind of consolidation. I'd like to see federal grants for consolidation as an incentive to places with shrinking populations.

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