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Tuesday, May 09, 2006

New Sign On The Queen's Highway.

I have been driving by this sign for years. I finally stopped to look at it the other day. What made me stop is that the old copper sign was replaced by a new sign that appears to be made out of another kind of metal that has been painted. I am not sure why the sign was replaced.

Anyway, the sign is located less than a quarter of a mile upstream from the Mohawk River on the South Chuchtununda Creek (the outlet of Mariaville Lake), on Florida Avenue on Amsterdam’s South Side. Florida Avenue was once part of the British military road that ran from Schenectady to Fort Hunter, when Fort Hunter had replaced Schenectady as the frontier. It was built in 1712 by order of Queen Anne.

The sign commemorates part of a series of events in the Revolutionary War which have become known as The Burning of the Valleys.


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