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Saturday, May 06, 2006

Wikipedia's War Of The Words. Part Two. Mutual Destruction.

Yesterday afternoon I noticed that the battle at Wikipedia over what the entry for Alan Chartock, CEO of WAMC Northeast Public Radio Network, should read was raging again. New people, or maybe the same people with new names were at the forefront. One was named Schwans Ice Cream. Is that a clue to his identity? I wrote the other name down but lost it. I think it had the word cheese or cheesy in it.

I checked back in the evening and a search of Alan Chartock’s name came up with nothing. Chartock’s nemesis, Glenn Heller, explains what happened in a comment posted on this site,

“Okay Weaver, now you've done it! Alan deleted his Wiki. Apparently the little professor was unable to cope with the open, uncontrollable nature of the medium. It's the same thing with cockroaches, when exposed to the light they scurry away. Dang!“

But did Chartock delete his own entry? I don’t think so. It was most likely one of his fans--maybe Zr2d2. Didn’t Zr2d2 write the original article? And who is he anyway? Obviously a Star Wars fan? That’s one significant clue.

One thing is obvious, the people involved in the battle did not follow Wikipedia’s guidelines for resolving disputes.

Meanwhile, the battle over the WAMC entry is still ongoing.

But if that isn’t enough to keep Bing Cherry, Schwans Ice Cream, Zr2d2 and any others who like to write cyber graffito busy, here are just a few of many other entries they can work on.

I just hope they follow Wikipedia’s guidelines when doing so.


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