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Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Wikipedia's War of the Words. Part 3.

They’re at it again. They are Fungible and Suzie Creamcheese. The original entry for Alan Chartock in Wikipedia was deleted, but Fungible began a new entry a couple of days ago--under Alan S. Chartock this time. It didn’t long for Suzie Creamcheese to jump into the fray again.

In order to keep this controversy from being a complete waste of our time, we can at least add two new words to our vocabulary.

fungible \FUHN-juh-buhl\, adjective:1. (Law) Freely exchangeable for or replaceable by another of like nature or kind in the satisfaction of an obligation. 2. Interchangeable

"Genuine eros makes us desire a particular person; crude desire is satisfiable by fungible bodies."-- Edward Craig

The above definition was taken from which made Fungible its Word of the Day for Thursday January 25, 2001.

Suzie Creamcheese is not in the dictionary. However, a little research revealed that it was a nickname of actress/singer Doris Day. Prior to that it was used to refer to any wholesome American girl, anyone like Doris Day. The prolific composer/musician Frank Zappa incorporated it into one of his songs, further popularizing the term.


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