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Thursday, May 25, 2006

Here's The Rest Of The Story.

Several weeks ago I wrote about a couple who was suing Montgomery County over an autopsy performed on their son, against their religious beliefs. At the time, I was wondering where the rest of the story was. Thanks to a reader, here is the rest of the story.

MONTGOMERY COUNTY -- An Orange County couple who sued Montgomery County for performing an autopsy on their son against their objections on religious grounds has been awarded $84,000 by a jury.

Following a four-day trial before state Supreme Court Justice Joseph M. Sise, a jury spent just over two hours deliberating Thursday before finding in favor of Marc and Karen Lee of Chester.

The Lees voiced objections prior to an autopsy on their son, Alexander Lee, who was 19 when he died after a June 10, 2001, plunge into the Canajoharie Creek falls in Wintergreen Park.

The Lees, who are Jewish, said an autopsy violates their religious beliefs."

I feel that we accomplished our purpose because, pretty much, I was reassured by a number of people that there will never, ever again be an unauthorized autopsy in Montgomery County," said Karen Lee, Alexander Lee's mother.

The Lees had sought $2 million in compensation and $2 million in punitive damages in their suit.

"Nothing is going to take it back, but at least we could stop it from happening in the future," Karen Lee said Friday.


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