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Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Go Google Yourself!

This morning I decided to google myself.

I found a lot of information about other guys with the same name. I also found a lot of outdated information about my business. On the other hand, I rediscovered a letter I had written to The New York Times Book Review in 1996.

I also discovered for the first time that a letter I wrote to The Village Voice was published.

Then I googled some of my relatives and if you don’t mind my bragging, I found some great stuff.

In a front page article in last Sunday’s Greensboro’s News-Record, my brother Mike speaks out on the dismantling of mental health care in North Carolina, after a man in his support group committed suicide.

My nephew Danny Phillips works to foster better understanding of the mentally ill in the criminal justice system.

My brother Paul has been fighting on behalf of the mentally ill in Kentucky for years.

My sister Martha Phillips has taken a lot of heat for being a Southern Baptist preacher. Here is what one group said about her.

First, the statement, while biblically true, is not binding on the churches and is therefore nearly meaningless. There are roughly 1,600 "clergywomen" in Southern Baptist congregations, and this statement will have little or no affect on them. Of these, about 100 are pastors. For example, the interim pastor at Mount Vernon Baptist Church in Arlington, Virginia, where Vice President Al Gore is a member, is a woman. Her name is Martha Phillips, and she demonstrated her open disobedience to the Scriptures when she commented to the press as follows: "I don't want to be a youth minister or a music minister. I want to lead a congregation. I think I’ve been called to do it. And if you’re called by God, you’re called by God. I don't see how they can say because you’re a woman, you can’t be" ("Southern Baptists Vote to Ban Female Pastors," Washington Post, June 15, 2000). Pastor Phillips’ authority is her feelings rather than the Bible. This is apostasy.

Read one of her sermons.

My brother-in-law Dan Phillips, after working for the government for more than 35 years is now co-pastor with my sister. He is attending Seminary. Here is one of his sermons when he was still a layman.

Want to learn more about yourself, or your family. Just google yourself.

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  • It's fun to Google oneself!

    I tried it shortly after being involved in a contentious issue over some radio station ownership. Up popped the newspaper stories, bios, articles, letters, etc. I felt so relevant!

    But, as you know, Google's search results are ranked by the number of hits each receives. One's fifteen minutes of fame can be ever so fleeting. Now, I have to go to page 587 to find something about myself.

    Kidding aside, what strikes me about yours, Dan, is that you have at least 2 brothers and one sister (that we know about) who appear to have dedicated a good portion of their lives to bettering the lives of others. How wonderfully remarkable!
    I trust you are very proud.

    I can only marvel about who your parents were that they produced such an active assortment of extraordinary individuals, yourself included.

    Perhaps you can sometime tell us more about them, i.e., from whom and from whence they came, what drove them, what they cared about, what you thought of them, how they fared.

    Surely, you'd want to share that.

    By Anonymous Lake George Guy, at 4:08 AM  

  • I will do that, but it may just dribble out in bits and pieces, rather than in big chunks.

    I've realized over the past year that what I have gone through in the past few years is nothing compared to what so many others have gone through and are going through. That's why I prefer to write about them, rather than myself.

    By Blogger Dan Weaver, at 7:03 AM  

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