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Wednesday, May 17, 2006

What's Up DOCS?

Glenn Goord, Commissioner of New York State Correctional Services issued a press release today containing a glowing report of what he and DOCS have accomplished. It may only be a coincidence that he issued the report today, two days after The Times-Union Capitol Confidential broke the story of Goord’s being stopped by a police officer in Lake Placid for talking on his cell phone while driving and on the same day that Upstream broke the story of unprofessional conduct by other DOCS officials. It does seem odd, however, that this is the first press release issued by the department since January 24.

Before we turn our attention to other matters, Upstream will be publishing one more post tomorrow on Lunch Interrupted, Where Were Docs Officials On April 25, 2005 When Rimell Mitchell Escaped From Albany Medical Center.


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