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Friday, March 10, 2006

Don't Let Michael Chiara Dump On Amsterdam

According to The Daily Gazette (03/07/06) the board of the Amsterdam Industrial Development Agency (AIDA) is split over whether to allow a landfill to open in the city’s fourth ward.

Norberta Krupczak, Amsterdam attorney, sister of former Lieutenant Governor Mary Ann Krupczak, a board member of AIDA and an opponent of the landfill had this to say the other day about fellow board member, City Tax Assessor and supporter of the landfill, Michael Chiara.

Everyone has to vote Chiara’s way, or they’re gone. I’ve been told at least three times that if I don’t get on board, get out. I don’t like being threatened.

I lived in the City of Amsterdam for 27 years, and Michael Chiara was the only public official that ever gave me a hard time. In fact, I would have to say he was one of the rudest public officials I have ever had dealings with, so Krupczak’s comments come as no surprise to me. It’s a strange feeling, now that I don’t live in Amsterdam, to deal with a tax assessor who treats me like a fellow human being.

In any event, as far as the landfill is concerned, Amsterdam Mayor Joseph Emanuele has come up with the best argument for not allowing a landfill in the City of Amsterdam. He argues that the city has a bad enough image already and locating a landfill within the city limits will just make that image worse. I agree and hope people like Krupczak and Sean Piasecki will stay on the AIDA board and keep fighting to make AIDA responsible to the people of Amsterdam.


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