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Thursday, March 09, 2006

Fire Hydrant Sprays Dog In Saratoga Springs

Carl Strock had a great column today in The Daily Gazette about how Saratoga Springs finally managed to pass a dog ordinance. Trying to pass a law to curb dogs on the basis of the potential danger to human beings did not work. Too many pet lovers protested when legislation was proposed on the basis that too many pets in downtown Saratoga, during the dog days of summer when the horses are running and the sidewalks are crowded, could endanger people’s lives.

But when legislation was proposed a second time showing how crowded sidewalks and too many dogs are dangerous not to humans but to the dogs themselves, the legislation to control dogs in downtown Saratoga passed.

It’s a little bit like a dog walking by an open fire hydrant and getting sprayed.

Which reminds me, now that the Oscars were just handed out a few days ago, I would like to propose a special Oscar next year--an Oscar for the first film which states at the end of it “No human being was injured during the making of this movie.”


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