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Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Quail Hunting In Fulton County

Vice-President Dick Cheney was lucky his hunting accident didn’t take place in Fulton County, New York. Just a year or two ago, Fulton County District Attorney Louise Sira prosecuted a teenager for injuring another teen in a gun accident. The teen, represented by J. Gerard MacAuliffe of Johnstown, ended up serving time in jail.

Am I saying that Dick Cheney should serve time in jail? Absolutely not. Neither should have the teen from Fulton County. If he had been Vice-President, or if Fulton County had a different D.A. or if the teen had had a better attorney, he probably wouldn’t have served time.

I don’t want to minimize hunting accidents, but guns being what they are and boys being boys, accidents will happen.

You might like to know that you are a lot more likely to die accidentally when you are out walking than by the accidental discharge of a gun.

It seems like those pedestrian training courses are not working.


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