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Thursday, February 09, 2006

The Death Of Bill Edwardsen & The Death Of Local Talk Radio

Yesterday’s Daily Gazette and Times-Union both reported the death of local radio legend, William “Bill” Edwardsen. Edwardsen was famous locally for his morning radio show “Breakfast With Bill.” He was on WGY from 1954-1970. He also did stints at WQBK, WMVI, WABY, WGNA, and WVCR. His radio career spanned half a century.

Until I read yesterdays obituaries and articles, I can’t say I really knew much about Mr. Edwardsen. What I can say is that it is getting harder and harder to find local radio worth listening to, especially local talk radio. Now that the nationally syndicated shows have taken over, there is not much variety.

I spend my mornings jumping back and forth between Bob Cudmore at WVTL and Paul Vandenburgh at WROW. After they go off the air, I generally shut the radio off.

If anyone knows of any other local talk programs worth listening to, please let me know.


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