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Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Troy City Hall - Home For Wayward Judges.

Out here in the provinces, when a judge is disrobed for bad behavior, he spends about a decade doing penance before anyone offers him a job. At least that was the experience of former Montgomery County Family Court Judge, Robert Going. However, If you have the bench kicked out from under you in Rensselaer County, you simply go to Troy City Hall and Mayor Harry Tutunjian will give you a job.

The state Commission on Judicial Conduct decided on March 31 that state Supreme Court Justice, Thomas Spargo, should be removed from office for buying votes when he ran for Berne Town Justice in 1999 and for pressuring lawyers who appeared before him to contribute $10,000 each to his campaign fund in 2003. Three weeks after he was unbenched, disrobed or whatever you want to call it, Tutunjian hired Spargo as Troy’s Deputy Corporation Counsel.

This is not the first bad judge that has found a job at Troy City Hall. Former Troy City Court Judge, Henry R. Bauer, was hired as Deputy Corporation Counsel following his removal from office in 2004 for setting excessive bail and coercing suspects into pleading guilty, among other things.

Voters in Troy further rehabilitated Bauer when they elected him to the City Council last year. As the top vote getter, he became Council President. In two years time Bauer went from corrupt judge, to deputy Corporate Counsel, to President of the Troy City Council.

And they say criminals can’t be rehabilitated.

I hope a few of you Trojans will file a complaint about this with City Hall and your councilperson.

Contact Troy Mayor Harry Tutunjian.

Contact Troy City Council.


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