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Monday, September 18, 2006

Paul Vandenburgh Is A Confused Conservative.

WROW's Paul Vandenburgh is a confused conservative. This morning he is railing against the AMD giveaway in Luther Forest, for which I agree with him. Corporate welfare is another form of big government. At the same time he is peeing his pants because local columnists have attacked the government for its weak case against Yassin M. Aref, 36, the leader of a Central Avenue mosque, and Mohammed M. Hossain, a pizzeria owner. Vandenburgh is also griping about the attacks against Trish DeAngelis over the prosecution of Christine Wilhelm.

Vandenburgh wants small government when it comes to taxes and corporate welfare, but he seems to think the expansion of our ever burgeoning prison system is a good thing. He seems to have no problem with using valuable police time to entice people who never committed a crime into committing crime. Vandenburgh’s ideas reflect the movement of conservatism away from traditional conservatism towards a conservatism that doesn’t look much different from liberalism, at least in its desire to expand government.

Amsterdam Memorial Hospital has dumped 38 jobs in a massive lay-off due to a $1.1 million dollar deficit. Have CEO, Donald Massey, and the other highly paid executives at the hospital considered taking a pay cut to set an example for the company? It might raise morale at the hospital if they did.

I didn’t know until I read Bob Cudmore’s article in Saturday’s (9/16/06) Daily Gazette that Paul Keesler died last year. I have mentioned Keesler in the past. Keesler was an avid outdoorsman and loved the Mohawk Valley. His premature death is a great loss to the Mohawk Valley. He was working on a book on the Valley when he died. His family is trying to get the book published. You can read the unfinished work on-line. Keesler also wrote books about the West Canada or Kuyahoora Valley.

For those of you interested in local history, Peter Betz, Fulton County Historian, wrote a great piece in the Leader Herald recently on a tragic explosion in downtown Gloversville in 1937.


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