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Thursday, September 21, 2006

Jack Carroll To Give His First Prison Interview.

Editor’s Note: For those of you who say there is never anything worth watching on television, please read the following e-mail I received from Justice Now. For background information on the Jack Carroll case, click here.

Jack Carroll speaking to Carl Strock from inside prison is the featured guest this weekend on Justice Now. I believe it is the first TV interview Carroll has done since he was first incarcerated eight and a half years ago. Strock taped the interview with Carroll at the Washington Correctional Facility in Comstock New York, several weeks ago. The half hour program edited and produced by Ernie Tetrault will be seen twice this weekend on Cable Channel 4(over the air channel 15) WNYA, at 9AM both Saturday and Sunday. The title of the program is "Waiting for Justice."

Despite being locked up Carroll reveals he has a very warm and extensive family life. His wife Mary visits him just about every weekend and talks to him by phone every night.

Like all inmates wives and family members Mary Carroll pays outrageously high phone bills . This is due to the sweetheart deal the phone company has made with the State which pulls in something like 25 million dollars a year profit from overpriced inmate phone calls.

While in prison Carroll has earned certification as a Paralegal and works every day in the prison law library helping other inmates with their various legal problems. During the course of the interview Carroll shares with Strock some interesting and compelling insights into the prison and parole systems.

Read Jack Carroll’s most recent letter from prison.


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