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Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Another Amsterdam Blogger.

I finally found another serious (and sometimes quite humorous) blogger in Amsterdam. Robert N. Going, former Family Court Judge in Montgomery County and now Corporate Counsel for the City of Amsterdam has a blog well worth reading. It is called The Judge Report, and is described as the Musings of a Conservative Republican Pro-Life Catholic Red Sox Fanatic, currently hiding out in Amsterdam, NY USA.

I particularly enjoyed the following entries:

Sept. 25. De Tocqueville on Islam and Democracy.
Sept. 23. Flash. Bob indirectly makes the case for why women should wear bras.
Sept. 18. No Eighth Grader Left Behind. Bob gives examples of what 8th graders had to know in 1895.

I hope you will check out Bob’s blog and leave some comments. I will be adding his blog to my links.


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