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Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Horse Trade.

We got burned when we bought our first horse--a pretty, eleven year old, tri-colored paint mare with the not very original name Flicka. A veterinarian sold her to us, never telling us her bad habits. She destroyed the gate to her pasture and chewed up and ruined the entire top rail of the fence, and she had other bad habits to boot.

Well we finally found someone who was willing to swap even with us, even after we explained all of Flicka’s faults. Our new horse, Jitterbug, is a three year old, Quarter Horse gelding. He needs training, but at least we won’t have to break him of bad habits.

Jitterbug Arrives. Our New Horse Arriving.

Flicka Leaving. Our Old Horse Leaving.

Please note that for the time being I will only be blogging on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.


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