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Friday, August 18, 2006

Grandmother Speaks Out About Saratoga Child Protective Services.

I live in Saratoga County and the Trauma that my daughter suffered was unbelievable. I asked for help at a time when I was weak from chemo to the point where I had to take procrit and had to get help. CPS instead helped themselves to my grandson and told me that my daughter had to earn him back. They used her disability to keep my beautiful grandson; and pulled stunt after stunt on my daughter who has recently turned to the drug world in order to deal with the pain of losing her son. They constantly called her at her job; I know because she complained to me. She lost job after job; two apts, then started to lose her sanity with the cruel tricks they played on her. They then made a false accusation, called the police hoping to find a bruise on a two year old child. When they couldn’t find any signs of abuse, they tricked her by saying that if you admit to permanent neglect, you will get your child back way sooner. So she admitted to what they were accusing her of, figuring they would use it anyways. Her child is with the foster parents and she turned to drugs and went to jail. Now she is out and I cannot even say where she is anymore. I tried to get her son and have been trying for three years (in court constantly and visiting, never missing a visit). However they have terminated her rights and couldn’t find anything on me (don’t have a record), so they decided to say that I am guilty of not knowing that she would not get better. Now we have to appeal and all I can afford is a court appointed attorney who is exactly that, owned by the court.

Thank you,

However, yesterday I recieved a Nationwide class actions v. family courts & CPS alert from Tom Howse, President of Civil Rights Council


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