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Monday, August 21, 2006

Ed Girtler Opens His Mouth & Removes All Doubt.

Retired Cop Ed Girtler responds to an old post I wrote on Jack Carroll. Read the post and comments.


  • Ed Girtler was not believable on the stand and he obviously has not become anymore believable now. Does he just make up this stuff as he goes? From what I have read about the trial and learned from people affiliated with the case, Jack Carroll should be a free man. Girtler admitted he lied on the stand to Carl Strock. Carl is a man of integrity and I believe him.

    To Ed: (you will not get a MR. out of me) ….how many other people were interviewed OTHER than Jack Carroll? I will answer that one…I believe you answered it on the stand. ( 0 ). Did you ever interview A.J.? -that would be the FIRST man that was accused. (no) Why on earth did you have your cohort, Steve Webber bring the girl to his paramour/girlfriend/now wife? After all, she did a little fabrication herself…did she not? Did you ever interview the girl’s best friend that she confided in about her “dream”? (no) After all this was just a dream…. And last question - If Jack Carroll was such a danger to the people, why did Trish DeAngelis offer him a walk (time served) if he pled to a lower charge? She chnaged her stories so many times she was the one who needed to cover her butt, not Jack Carroll.

    And by the way, Ed...It’s Mr. Dan Weaver. He certainly has earned it.

    Signed,Thankful they both are retired. How does trish go away now?

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 12:11 AM  

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