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Thursday, August 03, 2006

Carl Strock On Chris Porco's DNA.

Carl Strock On Chris Porco‘s DNA.
As usual, Carl Strock wrote a good column in today's Daily Gazette. The major part of his column was about Child Protective Services, but he also had a short section at the end where he discussed the DNA on the toll ticket purportedly belonging to Chris Porco. Strock disputes the math of some local reporters who have said that there is 99.6% chance that Porco’s DNA was on the ticket, since 99.6% of the population does not have that type of DNA. Strock argues that the math is wrong, The .39 percent of the population that have the type of DNA found on the ticket, including Porco, constitutes 1.3 million people (if by population we mean North America), making the odds that the ticket was Porco’s 1 in 1.3 million.

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There is other news happening besides the Porco Case. Yesterday, The Daily Gazette reported the sad story of a Red Sox fan from Schenectady who was stricken at Fenway Park, taken to the hospital where she gave birth, then died. This story actually had appeared the day before, in the lady’s obituary. When I was reading her obituary, I was wondering why no one had actually written a story about the incident because it’s the kind of thing newspapers like to write about, and as sick as it seems, it’s the kind people like to read.


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