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Sunday, June 25, 2006

Today's Sunday Gazette.

My oldest son John had his first article published in The Sunday Gazette today. I am excited about it, particularly since it was the first article he has ever submitted to a newspaper. I got several rejection notices, before I got published.

The article was about the murder of Grace Brown by Chester Gillette which took place 100 years ago in Herkimer County. It is one of the most notorious murders in upstate New York. Rather than tell you about it, I refer you to Craig Brandon’s web site on the murder. Brandon wrote a book on the murder. Other books were written on the subject as well. Theodore Dreiser’s An American Tragedy is the most famous book about the murder, although he fictionalized certain elements. Elizabeth Taylor, Shelley Winters and Montgomery Clift and Raymond Burr starred in the movie version, A Place in the Sun.

If you subscribe to the Gazette, I hope you will take the time to read John’s article in the Opinion section.

John heads to SUNY Binghamton in September to work on his PhD in English.


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