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Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Historic Butlersbury In Process Of Being Sold.

Butlersbury, one of the most historic homes in the Mohawk Valley, is in the process of being sold. I won’t say who is buying it because I don’t want to queer the deal. However, the people buying it have the knowledge and ability to preserve and restore the house the way it should be.

Butlersbury as of June 6, 2006.
Here is a photo of Butlersbury that I took yesterday. Notice the beehive oven on the end of the house. The siding is modern and will eventually have to be replaced.

See some older photos of Butlersbury and read more about Butlersbury from John Vrooman’s Forts And Firesides Of The Mohawk Country (1951)

Read more about John and Walter Butler.


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