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Thursday, June 01, 2006

Customer Service Just Over The Verizon.

My phone went out during the storm the other night. I spent ten minutes yesterday morning talking to a robot at Verizon. It will be four days until they can send someone out to repair it. And I have to be available from 8:00a.m to 6:00p.m. on Saturday in case the repairman needs to get into the house.

Thankfully, I have a cell phone, but not everyone does. What if I were an older person without one. How would I contact 911?

I plan to file a complaint with someone somewhere about this.

Last year I waited all day for them to install the phone and no one showed up. When I called Verizon to find out why, the person answering said it was because they had no record that such an address existed. I told her the house had been there for over two hundred years. Besides if they weren't coming, why couldn't they have called me. She didn't have an answer for that one.

The installer did show up for the second appointment. I did not stay around to watch him because I had things to do, and I figured he knew what he was doing. He ran the wire down the side of the house using only one clamp. Now the wire has stretched out and flaps against the house everytime the wind blows.

I can't get roadrunner where I live because cable is not available. We can get cable run down our road, if at least twenty residents are willing to cough up a one time $650 construction fee. So I got an advertisement in the mail to try Verizon DSL, but when I contacted them they said it wasn't available at my address.

So I'm stuck with dial-up service, which I can live with, if Verizon would maintain the phone lines.

Just one more example of customer service not being what it used to be or what it should be.


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