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Friday, April 14, 2006

Sometimes Justice Does Prevail In The Mohawk Valley.

I have posted in the past on the illegal strip searches conducted at the Montgomery County Jail and also on the unconstitutional way that Fulton County Family Court David Jung jailed four people. This week a federal judge ordered the strip searches to end in Montgomery County. The Appellate Division of the New York State Supreme Court also ruled against Judge Jung.

Fulton County has spent $7,000 so far to defend Judge Jung, but does not plan to appeal the Appellate Court’s decision. On the other hand, attorneys for Montgomery County plan to appeal the Federal judge’s decision concerning strip searches. The Montgomery County Sheriff’s Department has illegally strip searched more than 2,500 people since 2000. Most of these people had committed minor offenses--failure to pay child support, traffic infractions, etc. Many of them have joined a class action law suit against the county. The county stands to lose a lot of money.

It’s great to see justice prevail in the Mohawk Valley twice in one week. But Judge Jung of Fulton County and Sheriff Amato of Montgomery County need to be held accountable by county supervisors. If not, then the public needs to hold them accountable at the next election.


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