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Friday, April 14, 2006

The Other Amsterdams

Yesterday two Dutch filmmakers were in Amsterdam. Bob Cudmore had an interesting interview with them on WVTL. They are planning to do a documentary on other cities named Amsterdam. When I used to work for the post office in Amsterdam, NY we often received mail that was intended for other Amsterdams. A search of returns 14 results for Amsterdam, just in the United States. I used the advanced search function which only returned results for populated places.

Two of the places we often received mail for were Amsterdam, OH and Amsterdam, MO.

A search of returned the following number of populated places within the United States with the same name as these Mohawk Valley cities.

Troy 58
Waterford 38
Johnstown 32
Saratoga 32
Albany 28
Utica 24
Rexford 8
Little Falls 8
Herkimer 3
Gloversville 2
Watervliet 2
Schoharie 2
Middleburgh 2
Schenectady 1
Cobleskill 1
Niskayuna 1

Note: I hope to have more time tomorrow so that I can resume blogging about Ralph Tortorici.


  • Um, only half of those are cities. Most are towns or villages. Saratoga is a county. Saratoga Springs is the city.

    By Anonymous Kevin, at 10:23 PM  

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