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Friday, April 07, 2006

Dog Bites Man Is Still Not News.

It looks like Anita Walker will not get the same attention from the press, Jim Tedisco, and PETAphiles that Jane Fletcher got when she was arrested along with her son a few weeks ago for animal abuse. Even though Anita Walker of Gloversville, and Jane Fletcher, are both elderly women who don’t live that far apart, they share little else in common.

While Fletcher and her son made the news for poisoning their dogs and then shooting them, Anita Walker made the news for being bitten while trying to save her Bichon Frise from the jaws of a Pit Bull. Surprisingly, PETA has not sent any letters to officials in Fulton County asking that the Pit Bull and its owners be punished for the savage attack on Ms. Walker and her little dog. Her dog’s injuries were so severe that the vet bill came to $2,000.

The Pit Bull's owner has been ticketed for three violations of the city code. It’s possible that Judge Vincent DeSantis could order that the Pit Bull be destroyed. He is holding a hearing today to determine its fate. I suspect today is when the PETAphiles will come out of the closet. They will show up at the hearing and hold photos up of the poor Pit Bull and say that the attack on the Bichon Frise and Ms. Walker was not his fault, etc. They will come from nearby Vermont and Massachusetts and get upset if the hearing is postponed as they did when Jane Fletcher’s hearing was postponed. They will not show photos of the Bichon Frise with its internal organs exposed. They will not show photos of Ms. Walker’s injuries.

The real story within this story is Ms. Walker herself. She happens to be 82 years old. At that advanced age, she is a hero for rushing out to defend her dog from attack by a bigger dog. But she shows another kind of quiet heroism on a daily basis. Anita Walker is not wealthy. She is still working, not at a cushy desk job, but as a housekeeper for the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation.

While Anita Walker did get news coverage, it was not nearly as extensive as the coverage that fellow senior citizen, Jane Fletcher, got. It proves that the adage still holds true--dog bites man is not news, man bites dog is news.


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