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Monday, April 10, 2006

Current Events

I know I have not updated in quite some time and because I'm still working on another post that will be put up later this week I decided to entertain you with my current event I did for school. It was based on

Getting Kuwaiti women to vote was hard. But finally on April 4th they voted in Kuwait City. There were two female candidates, Jinan Boushehri and Khalida al Kheder. Fifty eight percent of the voters were female.

This event is important to world history by giving women's rights in countries that used to believe that women should be silent. It also gives woman more independence and will allow them to realize they are individuals. Women are not lower on the food chain. In fact in most cases, the food wouldn't be there if it weren't for women.

This will reveal to future generations that women are more respected now. It also reveals that women can have pride that their ancestors fought for their rights.


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