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Sunday, March 05, 2006

Well, Rensselaer County DA DeAngelis (a.k.a. The Avenging Angel) has done it again . You probably read how she showed up with the cops and the TV cameras at the porno movie house in Troy. It was, I'm sure, all orchestrated very carefully. TV newsrooms were notified so they would show up and take video of her on the scene. I wouldn't be surprised if she had her statement all written in advance. The idea is for her to present herself as a DA crusading against crime in the collar city. With all the negative publicity she's gotten by misbehaving in the courtroom lately I supppose she needs every bit of good press she can get if she is ever to move up the judicial ladder of success. She reminds me of the many people I interviewed for the news over the years. You don't want to get between them and a camera or microphone. It could be worth your life.
She makes me sick!

Ernie Tetrault
Justice Now


  • In another move to alter her image this week DeAngelis agreed to an alternative sentence for a DWI case. She made the statement that it's not her job to put as many people in prison as possible, but her job is justice. In a lawsuit against DeAngelis, one of her former employees, stated that DeAngelis said that it was her job to put as many people in prison as possible. I hope her latest statement is a change of heart on her part, but I am afraid she is just doing whatever is necessary to repair her image with the public after her November humiliation.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 8:20 PM  

  • Yes, I saw that sentence. I'm baffled however how a man who willingly participated in a crime that ended in the death of 2 people can get an alternative sentence from Deangelis. And the young girl who willingly and recklessly drove a car without a license, ending in the death of a young girl was given 5 months probation by DeAngelis. Meanwhile Jon Romano sits in jail for 20 years for a crime that occurred when he was 16, shortly after he was released from 4 Winds for psychological problems. No one was killed in Romano's case. Yet DeAngelis insisted on a 50 year sentence but settled for a 20 year period. If she has truly turned over a new leaf, she would reconsider Jon Romano's sentence.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 7:16 AM  

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