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Thursday, March 16, 2006

A Mother's Cry For Help

The long quotation below is an anonymous comment made in response to my posts voicing concerns about whether or not Northeast Parent & Child Society of Schenectady is doing a good job looking after our children. I felt the comment deserved more attention, so I have posted it here. I will be posting a lot more about Northeast over the next week. While I will be writing about Northeast, most of what I will be saying will apply to other residential treatment centers as well.

We also are going through the same thing with our 14 year old daughter. She has mental health issues, diagnosised w/ Bipolar Disorder, has been acting up at home. She was place on PINS and sent to the Park Ave Childrens Home 1/25/06. Since being there she has gone AWOL out of the home 7 times, 4 of which were for all night. We have complained; asked to get her out of there. All to be told we can't move her until the evaluation is over. She is still there on this date 3/3/06. We sent our daughter there a virgin and she has admitted to having sex with 2 separate boys now. We are unsure if they also were residents of the home or someone she meet outside of the home. I have called News 13 in Albany asking that they look into this place. Should anyone out there want to be a part of the investigation (hopefully) email me.


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