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Thursday, March 30, 2006

More On How Investigators Abuse Children

I said several posts ago that in the process of interviewing children, interviewers often commit abuse. The interview below took place in the Kelly Michaels case in New Jersey. Eventually, after she served time in prison, it was determined that she was innocent and that no children had been abused at the daycare where she worked. Of course, they had been abused, by the very investigators who filled the children's minds with pornography while trying to build a case out of nothing. The questions and answers below are mild compared to some others.

Q: Do you think that Kelly was not good when she was hurting you all?
A: Wasn't hurting me. I like her
Q: I can't hear you, you got to look at me when you talk to me. Now when Kelly was bothering kids in the music room
A: I got socks off
Q: Did she make anybody else take their clothes off in the music room?
A: No
Q: Yes
A: No
Q: Did you ever see Kelly have blood in her vagina?
A: This is blood
Q: Kelly had blood in her vagina
A: Yeah
Q: She did? Did you ever get any of that blood on your penis?
A: No. Green blood
Q: Did you ever see any of your friends get blood on their penis from her vagina?
A: Not green blood but red blood
Q: Tell me something, tell me about the piss box. The piss box that's in the music room?
A: No, up there. All the way up there
Q: Is the piss box the bench at the piano? When you open up the bench: is that the piss box?
A: Yeah
Q: It is?
A: Yeah
Q: And what happened, she would open it up?
A: And, popped it up
A: She popped it up and then what would you do?
A: Jump in it?
Q: Jump in it?
A: Yeah
Q: And would you have to pee in it? AL Yeah (about 10 questions later, the topic comes up again)
Q: So the pee-pee box is the bench at the piano and you flip it open?
A: No
Q: What is the pee-pee box?
A: This is the pee-pee box
Q: That's not a pee-pee box. That's a crayon box
Q: Did Kelly ever make you kiss her on the butt?
A: No
Q: Did Kelly ever say--I'll tell you want. When did Kelly say these words? Piss, shit, sugar?
A: Piss, shit sugar?
Q: Yeah, when did she say that, what did you have to do in order for her to say that?
A: I didn't say that.
Q: I know, she said it, but what did you have to do?

Read more interviews with children in the Michaels case.


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